This years resolutions: Check

Put some resolutions up in January . Time flew to be honest and it’s been quite around the blog since. I guess I was busy getting on those resolutions. Some were vague, and some were solid. I think I’ve made a good crack at them all, so let’s recap. Resolutions:

  1. Complete at least 2 Triathlons
  2. Become a stronger, better surfer
  3. Direct my career and improve my professional visibility
  4. Enjoy taking the risks, and earning the rewards.

How I’ve done so far:

  1. I completed 3 Triathlons: Velvet Strand, Clogherhead & Tramore. Tramore being the highlight for me this year as I got to finish with a lot of cheers from family and friends, and felt like a bit of a ledge that day, as most of them had never seen me compete in a race before. Major ego boost resulted. I also completed 2 aquathons (Howth), a sea swim (Snamh Fada), a 10k run (Pheonix Park), 2 Runamuck challenges (4.5k obstacle and 9k obstacle course Рmore fun run than race really). My times for most of these were middle of the pack, and I learned I have a lot of work to do with my running. Mostly I have learned to enjoy training and competing and the buzz of finishing negates any pain while training or racing.
  2. I have done a good bit of surfing this year, and spent some time becoming more confident on my shortboard (6’6″ fat boy flyer). Had some great sessions recently that have helped a lot, and winter will bring more of that.
  3. I moved job in april. I am working with Dovetail and very happy in a small company where we can focus on building software and forget the politics that large organisations can get stuck in.
  4. Every so often I watch Yes Man. It reminds me what is important and to say yes to more things. I believe I have done this a lot more this year.
  5. Not on the original list, but I got engaged in August, so that was a nice bonus to top off a year of mixing it up. And I am still engaged, woot!

Overall it was great to write down some goals for the year, as it gave me motivation to achieve them. I have more for next year, but will leave them for another post.