Launch: LetCheck – Rental property reviews for Ireland

I’ve launched my first proper web application this week. I’ve talked about launching a decent web application for a long (loooooooooong) time. I really wanted to see this through to launch and get version 1.0 live. It’s been 6 months of coding. There was a lot of thinking before this, and a lot of thinking during the 6 months too. This was all evening weekend coding and there were a lot of extended breaks in the process, but I’ve learned so much a developer in my Day job, that when I sit down to code in the evening, an hour is very valuable. With the right framework and tools, you can work very efficiently with little time. is a property review site. It’s targeted at the rental market. I’ve felt over the past few years, that there was a missed opportunity for renters to be able to have a voice about where the live/lived. I’ve had this app in mind for almost 3 years, but finally got some momentum this year to get it live.


Please take a look, review where you have lived, and give me feedback. Launching is just the first step, and I have a lot of work to do to get a solid user base. Without solid content, the site is of no use to general web users (consumers), so it is important to attract and retain content creators.