No need for "Print Version" anymore

Was reading through Gadgetopia. A Nice post on the perfect office space. Duckarto wants this. Every programmer deserves this.

Reminds me of the Film Office Space. It’s a classic movie about how being a number in an organisation can make you go insane. I don’t want to be a number. I want to be a name.

Anyways, Deane was asking about how they got the menu to disappear. So I looked through they’re html at the stylesheet. It’s easier than I thought. Here is the code from About Fog Creek.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/fogcreek.css"

title="default" media="screen" />

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/print.css"

title="default" media="print" />

While trying to think of a post…

Today was an uninteresting day, that is until now. I couldn’t think of anything to write, so much so that I was nearly going to make some stupid analogy about that very fact.

But then the coolest thing happened. Gadgetopia is a site I have been visiting since about November Last year, religously. The site has become my source for all things interesting (to a nerd anyway) on the Web.

Today, they (Deane to be precise) actually used a reference that I had put in my Blog (my 4 day old blog). Cool or what?

Photo of The Week – Issue 1

This photo was taken by Dave before he left for Holland almost 2 years ago (He’s back now, BTW). Its the wallpaper in the background that makes this a classic Irish Photo. It was 2002, yet that wallpaper had to have been from the late ’70s. Quality!

Oh yeah, Funny Story from 2 years ago. Dave was due to fly out the next morning at like 6 o’clock. So he borrowed my phone, set it for 3.30* to get the Bus to the aiport. 5 minutes later, Dave decides that 3.30 is too early, so he changes it to 3.40. I get up the next morning at 7.50, greeted by dave scratching his head in the hall, “What time is it?”. Oh how we laughed. The plane flew out at 5.00pm, 184 squids lighter than expected.

*Times may not be completely accurate.

Hot Chicken Rolls. What is the latest fascination with hot chicken rolls? Sure, i’ve had hot chicken rolls in the past, but now its like a new fad. People are qeueing (?) in all the shops (Spar, SU, Dromroe) for a “Hot Chicken Roll Please”.

I remember my first really nice Hot Chicken Roll. Three years ago (1st Year) KK came back from the shop with a Hot Chicken and Coleslaw one. He preached at how lovely it was. So I went and got one. He wasn’t wrong. They are damn nice.

voteRoots. This is my latest creation. As part of Interactive Media Project, we have to create an Interactive Voting System.

It must be usable by a blind person and a person who can see. Turned out ok. Not quite finished yet. Have to change the sounds to a computer voice that Duffy informed me of (Text-to-speech). Has to be handed up tomorrow at by 5. Yay!

Gadgetopia. Basically, nerd heaven. If its nerdy, or even if its not nerdy but a nerd would like it, then it’s been in here. By this web development company in Dakota. USA.

Thats really far behind (Time Zone), so I usually have to wait until around dinner time for them to post new stuff. Worth the wait though.

I never actually checked what time zone they are in. Would probably save alot of time checking it all the time.

“Geek and you shall find…”

The CSS Vault. One of the two sites (Gadgetopia also) I visit daily. The only source for inspiration. Seriously, if you want to be an excellent web designer (I do!!), you have to use css. Its the new Black!

I needed a site that linked to all the great CSS resources out there on the web. I couldn’t find a site that combined those two elements, so I created one myself.

Excellent Stuff. The Archives are Huge.

jWebRoots CMS. I have finally finished my Final Year Project (The Code Part, That is). It was a CMS for my University Students Union. Turned out pretty cool. Still needs a load of work to make it commercially viable. Thats what the summer is for.

Its wierd, I keep calling it the summer, but its not really a summer. I wont be going back to college in September. So I suppose I should call it…the rest?! Get back to me on that.