Why others’ mistakes are your own

Here’s a scenario which would be common in my day to day tasks in work. Trying to make an interface “work”, and getting a colleague to give it their first impression. A 1 minute conversion/demo can make something you thought was obvious seem the polar opposite.

From Watching them struggle:

You’ve probably watched somebody who is not technically savvy trying to operate an interface new to them, likely with little success. Maybe that interface was yours. You’ve spent countless hours cutting that thing down to the basics, refining the copy and making everything crystal clear, and yet, you watch with bewilderment as the user before you struggles and stumbles across the screen, doing everything possible to go in circles around the interface element they actually need, which to you seems blindingly obvious.

When writing, designing, creating, producing … something, it is important that someone else can understand it, interact with it and benefit from it. Feedback counts, and early feedback counts double. If you can’t get that early feedback, at least try step back and see what you’ve done from another angle.

Seesmic Web – A quick review

Really loving the seesmic web application. The user interface is clean, can grow and so easy to use. It seems so original yet all the elememts fit with current patterns.


The top and left navigation work really well together. They are uniquely different but compliment each others roles in the app. The top has been left very simple, with only 3 buttons, 1 of which is a really intuitive refresh (ajaxy) button. The buttons are connected, and make you feel like they are tabs, which is what you achieve when clicking as they switch between 2 interfaces.


The epicentre is made up of “windows”, which can contain any kind of content, timeline, searches, #tags etc. Although I would have liked to be able to see a single users tweets, but can’t seem to do it (just found a tab called updates under the user profile area, but would like to see it in the epicenter, as then I can watch multiple users without officially following them).


The search area is great. You can have multiple search results “windows” in the epicentre. Handy for watching topics of interest.

I have found client apps are good, but become out of sync when using across work and home machines (mac at home, windows at work). I really love this interface, as it give me everything the twitter web app gives me and more.

Visit Seesmic.