The CSS Vault. One of the two sites (Gadgetopia also) I visit daily. The only source for inspiration. Seriously, if you want to be an excellent web designer (I do!!), you have to use css. Its the new Black!

I needed a site that linked to all the great CSS resources out there on the web. I couldn’t find a site that combined those two elements, so I created one myself.

Excellent Stuff. The Archives are Huge.

jWebRoots CMS. I have finally finished my Final Year Project (The Code Part, That is). It was a CMS for my University Students Union. Turned out pretty cool. Still needs a load of work to make it commercially viable. Thats what the summer is for.

Its wierd, I keep calling it the summer, but its not really a summer. I wont be going back to college in September. So I suppose I should call it…the rest?! Get back to me on that.