Sunday lovely Sunday

Blackie and Myself went for a cycle out to Dun Laoghaire and back yesterday. What a day for a cycle. Were you out there? Jesus, it was like somewhere off foreign. Anywho, it’s about 15km each way. Again a nice distance and not too physically demanding.


We were going to head to Killiney Hill and check out the view, but we got lazy after a latte and couldn’t be arsed. Next time for sure. Although I think next good day will be out to Portmarnock for a swim.

P5242740 P5242737

Dun Laoghaire port is nice. The place was jammed with people, and traffic was bumper to bumper which make tearing through on bikes even more enjoyable.


After that we headed to the Ivy Gardens for Africa Day, which was also full of people out to enjoy the culture and infrequent sunny Irish day.

P5242771 P5242775

Paddy Casey played, and myself and the missus left before Republic of Loose came on.

P5242780 P5242779

Once more I have been amazed at how Ireland can be a great  place to be, when the conditions are right. Being away travelling last year has given me a renewed love for my own country. Click.

The "I’m lost while driving, and just need to turn around, but theres a car following too closely so I can’t just pull in" theory

I told this theory to Blackie last Friday night on the way to a party.

1. You’re driving along (usually) a thin rural road

2. You miss your turn into a housing estate or house or whatever.

3. You decide you need to do a really shitty turnabout that takes ages and would piss off anyone who driving behind you, in fact if you tried it they might think you’re just pulling in and try pass you out, but its too thin a road. So they’re frustrated sitting while you try and turn while waving and awkwardly smiling.

4. But you’re Irish, so you don’t want to piss them off, and just keep driving.

5. You take a random left. They’re still behind you.

6. You take a random right turn. They’re still behind you. Fuck sake!

7. Eventually you take a turn they THEY DON’T. Woot! But now…

8. You’ve taken so many random turns you can’t remember the way back, and you’re stuck in a world of random rights. FOREVER.

Number 8 is a tiny teeny bit not in any way real, but it scared the shit out of you didn’t it. Yeah, thought so. Dick.

Oh yeah, and after I told Blackie about it, we experienced it first hand, about 10 minutes later, because we didn’t really know where the party was. Hilarious!

The business of blogging

Bit of a pipe dream really. Money can be made from Blogging, some make a lot of money. But most don’t.

On that day more than 500,000 people hit my site—by far the biggest day I’d ever had—and through Google’s AdSense program I earned about a hundred bucks.

That’s not very inspiring. I seriously figured more people clicked on ads. I don’t click on ads, in fact I’ve managed to stick them in my blind spot on most sites I visit, so I guess I can’t assume everyone else does.

It would be great to be able to make money directly from blogging, but realistically, the only main value that can come from a blog is to be able to sell yourself as a writer/designer/developer or someone competent in your professional field. When it boils down to it, this value should be worth more to you than ad revenue. Building relationship with your readers, and converting them into paying clients should be the goal of a professional blogger. In fact a personal (?) bloggers goal should be to build relationships too.

One month I made €4.36 in google ads, and I was stoked. Still haven’t reached the €100 mark after almost 5 years writing BahFlafBurb, so have yet to actually get money (Major party when that cheque comes!!). I guess I’ll just have to put up with the enjoyment of having an outlet and some reliable readers and commenters.

My tip? Like other networking platforms, focus on quality content that sells you as a person/professional.

The new nano, and the future.

I like to know things about gadgets, although saying that, I very rarely dip into the communion money to get something shiny and noisy (ok, bar the €70 mouse I got last week). But I decided to get the iPod nano. I forgot to actually read up on anything it does before purchasing, because I trust apple at this stage.

After ordering, I watched the video on apple, and the thing looked freakin’ cool. You can shake it and it skips to a random song in your library. If you shake it like a polaroid picture, it will skip to a song by Outkast!

As I was saying I like to know things about Gadgets. Well, this “Genius” thing has really thrown me. Actually, it amazes me. This single invention is, in my opinion, the next step towards globally shared interests and “Cloud computing” (I guess…).

From what I can tell, apple takes a goo at your library and then compares it to everyone elses, giving you back your shared interests, so it can figure out what albums are alike and songs are usually owned by a number of people. It’s kind of like the amazon, “If you like this … you’ll probably like these because other people also bought …”, except it so much more sublte and actually has produced really good playlists for me over the last few days.

The best thing about “Genius”, is that it trasfers to my Nano, so I can create playlists on the fly. Just think, your in the car, you put on a song you like, hit Genius and boom (to quote mr. jobs) you’ve got 25 great songs you’re in the mood for.

Stephen Morrissey, Where are you?

I am a bit of a coffee addict. Who isn’t in this day and age. And yes, after travelling the world and tasting good and bad, and really bad coffee, I have found myself to be a coffee snob too. So on hearing that an Irish man won the World Barista Championship, I have to find out where he works.

My plea goes out to you, my loyal readers. Where does Stephen Morrissey work? I want to taste this coffee that is the best in the world.

UPDATE: I should have done some googling before posting this. Stephen has a blog, and an personal website. He has a lot of entries, but I can’t see any coffee shops mentioned. He has his email address on his site (Stephen Morrissey – World Barista Champion 2008). Should I just email him?

Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles, fuckers! We arrived after kind of shitty rain in New York to beautiful heat, but it gets cooler as the sun drops which is nice, as you can wear pants out for dinner.

We are staying in a lovely little hotel called the Magic Castle hotel. The staff here are over the top, kick me in the balls friendly. They have a snack bar behind reception that is all free, and they force candy on you. But we resisted as we’re not fat bastards, like you. The place is 1 block from the chinese mann theatre which is handy, so we walked up Hollywood Blvd and the walk of Fame. Yes, the highlight was Angela Lansbury.

We had dinner one night on Sunset, in a place called Chin Chin grill. It’s beside Ketchup, which was in “The Hills” and is co-owned by tara reid. Didn’t spy LC (Laguna Beach & The Hills) tho. Dang It! I had hoped to meet and give my screenplay to Larry David, but no such luck their either.

Other than that, this place is big and boring, best part of the visit was the Hotel. We drive to Las Vegas soon, so hopefully we’ll go through a storm and get lightning on camera, but maybe not, and maybe we’ll go to a show with wayne brady in it. Who knows??? I know I don’t because we are still in Los Angeles.