Race Report: Spokes Duathlon Tramore

One of my new years resolutions is to blog more and race more. So here’s both. I’ll try blog about every race this year.

First Up: The Facts

Table below includes first place, and “friendly” rivals. As you can see I’m at the bottom, so the only way is up.

Pos.	No.	Time		Name
1	445	45.23		Martin Kirwan
6	498	47.46		Tadhg Cronin
13	394	50.21		Paul Ogle
26	412	52.22		Brendan Murphy
32	431	52.56		Aidan Bourke
42	408	53.41		Conor Blackett
77	407	57.22		Tomas Breen

Full results and report here.

The Opinion Dribble

The duathlon consisted of a 3k run, 16k bike and 3k run. Standard enough distance, and perfect for those getting into the sport. Although I raced last year, this was my first duathlon (have done triathlons and aquathons), so I was unsure what to expect. Running is my weakness currently, so 2 runs legs in 1 race is two too many for me. My goal this year is to improve my running speed and enjoyment, so bring on the challenge.

First run

3k being relatively short, I decided I wanted to push the pace to faster than I would do 5k. This meant trying to get down to 4:00/km which to some is slow, but I usually run around 5:00/km. I managed to keep focused on the first run and came in just under 12 minutes. Sweet. Happy out with that. Now onto the bike.


Last year I gained a lot of confidence on the bike, so knew what my limits were for 16k. Was full of energy coming out of T1 and passed a lot of people in the first k. Then slowly ate away at the pack for the first 8k. Started to meet people above my level at that stage so only passed 1 person on the second half of the bike. Didn’t catch Blackie, which is what I was hoping for, closed the gap on a lot of the better runners tho. Still feeling good coming into T2 (wait for it…). The bike was under 30 minutes, but not much under. The same bike route for the triathlon in Tramore last year was faster for me. I’ll have to blame the wind there.

2nd Run

Legs hits the ground off the bike. Jelly!! Bike racked, helmet off, trainers on. Jelly!! “Run through it mossy, get the┬árhythm going”. Jelly!! Experiencing jelly legs is normal enough, and in a Triathlon I can handle it. My swim is strong, and bike is good, so when coming onto the run in a good position I expect to lose a lot of places for the rest. The duathlon is different, first run is okay, and I need to catch up a lot on the bike, so the second run still feels like I should be trying to catch up.

No joy. Jelly!! I think it took about 1k to shake off the jelly legs and get the legs moving, but it wasn’t enough to get a good pace. The Second run was 14 minutes.

To summize

Happy with my running progress from training over the winter. A lot to do, but getting the early season races in is worthwhile to see how base training is going. Another duathlon this sunday in Naas.

The Social Network

I’m a very easy person to inspire. I can get inspiration from a lot of sources, people I know, movies, books, blogs, ideas. Most of my inspiration comes from true stories rather than fables. Fables being ideals rather than having actually happened.

Facebook LogoThe Social Network was a good movie, and quite inspirational. Cutting it down to the basic story, Mark Zuckerberg codes the beginnings of facebook in a few weeks, and it spreads quickly through major colleges. The initial idea was simple and he executed the basics and got it out there quickly. There was no long term plan, just an idea and the drive to build and launch quickly. This is a great way to look at any personal/professional projects.


Iterate, the first iteration being launch, then iterate continuously. Forever. Evolve the product with the user-base, and make sure it stays relevant. An idea is just that until it’s real.

Anywho, after watching videos on Lance Armstrong I get an overwhelming urge to get on my bike and ride. Coming back from the social network, I want to crack open an IDE and start coding like a boss. Most of my ideas are (probably) shit, but I’ll never know unless I launch. 2011 goal #1, launch a site. There, it’s written down now. I have to do it.

BTW, my earlier post on goals for this year (written in January), there’s a post coming to see how I’ve done with that shortly. Stay tuned.

p.s. I promise I’m back blogging more consistently from here on in. At least for the winter months.

p.p.s. The blog is now on wordpress.

New Years Resolutions

This is a brand new decade. The last decade I was finishing School (High school) and entering college. I have much more control over my life now, and want to take it up a gear, in all aspects. I want to be physically fitter, work smarter, and become a better friend, boyfriend and sibling. This decade will be the best yet.

  • Complete at least 2 Triathlons
  • Become a stronger, better surfer
  • Direct my career and improve my professional visibility
  • Enjoy taking the risks, and earning the rewards.

All the groundwork is done, and I need to follow through on these to achieve my goals. I have a triathlon Ireland membership, and I have joined 3dTri. I have created a professional blog for technical posts. I have a good bike, and am now swimming twice a week.

I need to run more, and I surf as many weekends as I can. Living in Dublin makes getting into the sea more of a challenge, but I enjoy taking trips west, and when I get to my hometown of Tramore, surfing takes top priority.

Right, off for a lunchtime cycle with Al.

A cycle to Blackrock

I cycled to Blackrock today to test out the distance, as we will be playing tag rugby for the next 2 months in the Blackrock. It took about 30 minutes, and is an nice easy cycle. I had the wind behind me on the way out, but the cycle back was slower. It’s 10km each way, just the right distance for a cycle. Any shorter, and it’s not worth getting kitted out.

Blackrock feels very open, has lots of parks, and the sea air is a nice break. Plus the view back at the city, howth and the powerstation is kew.

This little park and water feature are located here.

The Darsh.