The Social Network

I’m a very easy person to inspire. I can get inspiration from a lot of sources, people I know, movies, books, blogs, ideas. Most of my inspiration comes from true stories rather than fables. Fables being ideals rather than having actually happened.

Facebook LogoThe Social Network was a good movie, and quite inspirational. Cutting it down to the basic story, Mark Zuckerberg codes the beginnings of facebook in a few weeks, and it spreads quickly through major colleges. The initial idea was simple and he executed the basics and got it out there quickly. There was no long term plan, just an idea and the drive to build and launch quickly. This is a great way to look at any personal/professional projects.


Iterate, the first iteration being launch, then iterate continuously. Forever. Evolve the product with the user-base, and make sure it stays relevant. An idea is just that until it’s real.

Anywho, after watching videos on Lance Armstrong I get an overwhelming urge to get on my bike and ride. Coming back from the social network, I want to crack open an IDE and start coding like a boss. Most of my ideas are (probably) shit, but I’ll never know unless I launch. 2011 goal #1, launch a site. There, it’s written down now. I have to do it.

BTW, my earlier post on goals for this year (written in January), there’s a post coming to see how I’ve done with that shortly. Stay tuned.

p.s. I promise I’m back blogging more consistently from here on in. At least for the winter months.

p.p.s. The blog is now on wordpress.

Make Art, Make Art

I’m a very faddy person. This means, I get high notions a lot. Daily. Hourly on weekends. It usually happens like this.

  1. I see something that hits me right here (points to his chest/heart area). Usually a kind act, a movie, graffiti, a sports game. Anything that hits you right there (points to your chest/heart). A large amount of this day dreaming happens on public transport with my favourite mix of music cancelling out the noisy world around.
  2. I analyse and break it down to the why, how, where etc.
  3. I put myself in the position of the character, actor, sports person, depicted art. This makes me feel nice and warm and fuzzy (the music mix is partly responsible). Donna catches me doing this a lot of the time. I stare at space, sometimes her, and have a hint of a smiling grin. Mostly the smile is in my eyes.
  4. I snap out of the day dream, but the ideas and feelings remain for hours, days, weeks and sometimes months.

Fads of Late

The Den. I’ve dreamed of my own dream home for a few years now. Settling down with a bit of land, and the perfect house that nobody else has. The design for the house is in my head. It’s fantastic. I wish you could see it. The Irish housing market has squashed this dream a bit, but it’s still there (, you’ll notice my fads tend not to obey logic or plausibility). More recently, I have honed my design efforts on the den. The den is my home-office & entertainment room. It is used for development during the day. It is used for movies, poker and Wii in the evenings and weekends. It contains a large beer fridge, an old couch and a large workbench for PCs, Macs & pizza boxes. It has one of those ergonomic chairs for working at the computer. It also has a banging TV (which has DVI in, w00t) and 5.1 surround. There are some ground rules. You are allowed in and you are allowed use my shit, but you must respect my shit and remember its my shit. It’s awesome … in my head.

The Freelancer. Meet Mossy. The freelance web (& SharePoint) developer. He works from his Den (see ‘The Den’). He meets his deadlines. His attention to detail and quality is excellent, and his clients love him. He is very personable and he is respected by the development community as he blogs about design/coding, shares ideas and contributes to open source projects. He has a comfortable income and still has time to leaving at noon on a Friday to get down the west for a weekend of surfing. In the beginning, business was slow and he had very little creature comforts, and could not afford a car. Now, business is slowly expanding and he has conceived and launched a successful web application (possibly social, as is the fashion these days) where revenue is generated from loyal paying subscribers. He is managing workload with help from a few other freelancers (see ‘Luke’ and ‘Daithi’), but may need to consider hiring a talented coder to take over some of the more time consuming applications. He might lease some cubicles in the city to make this a more viable option.

The never ending traveller. Mossy has been bitten by the travel bug. He has spent 6 months working in Sydney, and is ready to hit the road with his Girlfriend around OZ, New Zealand & Japan. He likes the feeling from this. He wants it to last. He wants to contract for 6 months a year, and hit the road the other six months. Who doesn’t? Some people don’t, but Mossy does! He’d like to backpack around South America. He wants to visit Disneyland, Hong Kong*. He wants to hang out on a beach in Hawai’i for a while. Possible open a beach bar … it could happen.

The Cog. Mossy is returning to Ireland in July. He has experience in a Focused IT Field, which is currently in high demand. He may have an option to return to the organisation he was with before travelling. He probably has other options too. He could see what other roles are like in competing organisations. Either way, he should not find it too hard to get a decent wage when he returns to Ireland. He can start saving for a deposit on that Den (See ‘The Den’), and get a loan for a car with electric windows, and a heater that works on 1 and 2. The job is not exciting, and he is working for faceless large clients, but it pays well and he has weekends off. He doesn’t get down the west until later on Friday, and doesn’t have time to contribute to the development comminuty or his blog. His side-line clients suffer from missed deadlines and lower quality, and he regrets taking on the extra work.

The Busker. Mossy was inspired by Glen Hansards acceptance speech at the oscars. He decides to get the guitar out again. He always loved it and he enjoys singing at parties. He gets piano lessons and learns how to read music. He starts writing and recording with his friend brian. Brian remixes their words and music into electronic, yet heartwarming melodies. They get brief success when one of their catchy tunes is featured in a Bulmers television commercial, and return to their freelancing work once the country stops humming “Faddy Faddy Fad Fad” from the Purple Monkey Dishwashers.


This is just a small selection of the fads that enter and exit my head daily. I guess they are “dreams of an idealist” more than fads. Others include but are not limited to: Philanthropist, Charity worker, Full-time surfer, Triathlon take parter, Ultimate Frisbee player, MOSS Guru, Film-maker (my personal favourite) & Furniture Maker.

I have a feeling that a lot of idealisms I’ve described above may be popular with a lot of people who mirror my style of life, so reading back on it, it’s not too off the wall I suppose. I guess I just wanted to write it down. As a reminder maybe.

*Disneyland, Hongkong. After myself and Donna have visited Japan, we will both have been to 4 out of the 5 Disneylands in the world. On that note, who looking forward to DubiaLand?? I’ll tell ya who. Me and Donna!