New Years Resolutions

This is a brand new decade. The last decade I was finishing School (High school) and entering college. I have much more control over my life now, and want to take it up a gear, in all aspects. I want to be physically fitter, work smarter, and become a better friend, boyfriend and sibling. This decade will be the best yet.

  • Complete at least 2 Triathlons
  • Become a stronger, better surfer
  • Direct my career and improve my professional visibility
  • Enjoy taking the risks, and earning the rewards.

All the groundwork is done, and I need to follow through on these to achieve my goals. I have a triathlon Ireland membership, and I have joined 3dTri. I have created a professional blog for technical posts. I have a good bike, and am now swimming twice a week.

I need to run more, and I surf as many weekends as I can. Living in Dublin makes getting into the sea more of a challenge, but I enjoy taking trips west, and when I get to my hometown of Tramore, surfing takes top priority.

Right, off for a lunchtime cycle with Al.

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions”

  1. self-improvement is the new getting wasted at the weekend!

    that's all good to hear mossy. i too am trying to be a nicer, happier person. No more of being a H8R for me…. sure, t'is all good!

  2. I don't see any specifics as to how you're going to become a better friend which is something that you need to improve upon!

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